Information for Schools and Early Years Settings

Services for Schools

Cornwall Council has an Integrated Online Portal for schools and one for Early Years. These portals include:

  • Training and event bookings
  • Resource management
  • Communication and news
  • Selling products and services

The benefits to you include: 

  • One login
  • Immediate access to resources following a purchase of a service or services
  • Communications are targeted at individual roles, allowing users to focus on their needs
  • Ability to pay online for smaller purchases such as course bookings and one-off purchases
Services for schools:
Early Years Platform:
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Becoming a Childminder

Applications open for the Childminder Start-up Grant Scheme

On 30 November 2023, the Childminder Start-up Grant Scheme opened for applications. The scheme will support new childminders by providing them with grant funding. This will be worth up to £7.2million over the next two financial years, helping with the cost of setting up their own businesses.

The scheme will be available to all new childminders who have completed their registration on or after 15 March 2023. Individuals who have previously been registered as childminders and wish to re-register may also apply for the scheme. There must be at least a 12-month gap between the end of their previous registration and their new registration being finalised.

We are giving £600 to new childminders registering with Ofsted, and £1,200 to new childminders who register with a childminder agency. Childminders must apply within two months of registering as a childminder, or within two months of the scheme launching.

To apply for the Childminder Start-up Grant please follow the link: Apply for a childminder start-up grant - GOV.UK.